SprayMate Scandinavia AB

SprayMate Scandinavia AB


From the 1st of June 2002, SprayMate Scandinavia AB has taken over the sales and service of paint spraying equipment from Sames Scandinavia AB, becoming a proud distributor for SAMES KREMLIN.

All of our personnel  have many years of experience working with the sales and service of paint spraying equipment. We work intensively to provide and offer you a complete range and choice of equipment that suits all of your requirements, from a small airbrush to a complete automated paint spraying plant.

We can deliver equipment for both wet paint and powder coating applications, working together with well-known names such as SAMES KREMLIN.

We look forward to helping you with all of your requirements.

SAMES KREMLIN Authorised Partner


As Authorised Distributor for SAMES KREMLIN products, SprayMate support the industrial process from assembly, protection of the environment, to finally beautifying manufactured products.

We also adhere to SAMES KREMLIN quality charter and global strategy by placing the Customer's Satisfaction first.



We supply SAMES KREMLIN products from the 3 following ranges:

Service provider


We provide you with the following Services:

  • Project Support: From simple instruction to full simultaneous engineering, we are here to build your plans.
  • Repair Center: No matter what your location is there is a qualified expert nearby for your technical support needs.
  • Service Contract: We take the worry out of your high technology investment by customizing a service plan to support your requirements.
  • Technical Assistance: A strong, reliable partnership involves supporting you anywhere, anytime to minimize stoppages & reduce downtime.
  • Training: We train our customers and distributors to optimize the use of our products and solutions.
  • Spare Parts